Glasslands is breaking out the Dad Jams for one night only this month

dad jams
Will YOUR dad be there? via Dads Are The Original Hipsters

What is it about dads that fascinate people? Is it their weird love of Bob Seeger? Their insistence on paying for everything even when everyone else is insisting they pitch in? The way they have a garage full of bikes? Whatever it is, people love dads, so it makes sense that Glasslands is devoting a party this month to nothing but dad jams, and has priced it at a very dad-friendly five bucks.

Friday April 25’s Dad Jams party is being put on by the folks behind the turntable.FM room of the same name (haha, remember turntable.FM?), a room that was devoted to the likes of George Harrison, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan and Rod Stewart. For one night only (advance tickets here), you and your lousy ungrateful friends can dance to the very music that your dad seduced your mom with, instead of dancing to whatever bleep-bloop electronic trash you dumb fucking kids listen to these days. That’s not music, damn it. This is music:


Want to hear the dad jam of your choice? Get your requests in early by emailing dadjams1965aolemail [AT] gmail.com, but just remember that ultimately this is dad’s party and he’s gonna pick the music. Despite the fact that the party starts at the dad-unfriendly time of 11:30pm, the organizers are urging people to bring their dads. Failing that though, if you come dressed like a dad or a mom, which is how you dress anyway because we are nothing if not voracious locusts eating the past, you can win records and drinks. So make sure your high-waisted jeans game is on point.

DAD JAMS LIVE IN NY: One Night Only, Friday, April 25, 11:30pm, Glasslands, 289 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, $5

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