Give grapes the stomping they deserve this weekend in Canarsie

grape stomp
Sometimes the old ways are the best. via Brooklyn Plantology

You’re always talking about how handmade stuff is better than things made by machines, but for some reason, no one ever talks about things being made by feet being better. That’s probably because it’s hard to make things with your feet, but maybe it’s time to get back to the old ways and make wine by stomping grapes. You can find out just how hard that is by stomping grapes in Canarsie on Saturday. Not only is it free, but don’t forget that shit made by hand (or uh, foot) is totally in these days.

“I can stomp grapes in the privacy of my own home, and in fact do that for my lucrative foot fetish video clip website,” you’re scoffing. Well OK fine, you stay home alone. The rest of us will head to Brooklyn Plantology at the Brooklyn Terminal Market, where the Great Brooklyn Wine Stomp will be going down on Saturday, September 27 from 11am to 4pm. It sounds pretty simple: just show up to 26 Brooklyn Terminal Market and get ready to jump in a barrel and start squishing grapes.

You could even win prizes, since this is a grape stomping competition, but you’ve got strong legs from your years of cycling, so we think you’ll win big. Beyond being 100% free, squishing grapes sounds therapeutic, to be perfectly honest.

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