Give your excess books a new home at the Great American Book Drive on Saturday

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There’s no way you’re reading all of these. Give ’em a good home. via Facebook

How many books do you have sitting around your apartment, taking up space? No, wait, don’t go off to count to get an exact number, that’s not the important thing going on here. The larger point is that you have a limited amount of space and you can free some up by getting rid of some books you won’t pick up anymore. You could put them on your stoop, but you could do even more of a mitzvah by bringing them to the Great American Book Drive at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Branch this Saturday.

Hell, you can even think of it as a double mitzvah, because not only will you be making sure the books go to a good home, but when co-sponsors Better World Books sell the books you donate, the Library will get $1 from each sale. So make sure you bring plenty of books to donate. Hell, take some from your roommate, that shallow illiterate jerk only keeps a full bookshelf to look good to dates he brings home.

It all goes down between 10am and 3pm on Saturday And if you feel you need to bring a sense of balance to your life after getting rid of a bunch of books, you can peruse the $1 books that will be on sale. Although try not to bring home more books than you dropped off, because then you’ll just end up with the same exact problem that led you to bringing the books here.

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