Give East Village businesses a hand on Saturday’s Small Business Crawl

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Start the day with a good egg cream for a good cause

Second Avenue is doing its best to pick itself up after the recent devastating fire and building collapse that took three building down and left dozens of people without homes or jobs. As bad as things are for the people whose homes and businesses aren’t there anymore, the businesses still standing are having a tough time of it, what with their storefronts being the in the middle of an active cleanup zone. Since these businesses need your help too, Jeremiah Moss of Vanishing New York is inviting you to come by and spend your money at them at this weekend’s Small Business Crawl.

It’s supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny on Saturday, so why wouldn’t you want to go and help out some businesses that have a tough enough time staying open even when their neighborhood doesn’t look like a war zone? The crawl will start at Gem Spa (131 2nd Avenue), which according to Moss and the awning on the store, has New York’s best egg cream. From there, the mob of spenders will be going down 7th Street, (metaphorically) throwing their money at the businesses like Paul’s Da Burger Joint, Bar Virage and Cafe Mocha.

Especially with the weekend L train shutdown being pushed back a week, it’ll be east to get into the East Village and spend a little money. Just don’t spend so much that you don’t have money to give to Williamsburg and Bushwick’s businesses when the L train finally does shut down.

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