Girl in a bar: See Kim Gordon chat with Kevin Corrigan at Over the Eight tonight, for free

See this girl at a talk show
See this girl at a talk show

Like a lot of late 80s/90s kids, you may have spent a whole lot of time listening to Sonic Youth as you grew up, and you might have even developed a crush on Thurston Moore or Kim Gordon. If you did, you’ve got a chance tonight to proffess your love for Kim Gordon in a small room (don’t actually do this), because tonight she’ll be appearing on The Corrigan Show at Over the Eight, and you can see it all, for free.

Sure, Sonic Youth broke up, but Kim Gordon has been staying busy, with her band Body/Head, and of course her memoir Girl In A Band. She’ll be talking about that and more with character actor/talkshow host Kevin Corrigan tonight, and if you wanna be there, all you have to do is get to Over the Eight (594 Union Avenue) at 6pm when the free tickets are given out. Of course, plenty of other people are going to want these tickets too, so maybe show up at 5:45 just to be safe.

Plus, because apparently a talk show interview in an intimate room with one of our generation’s defining artists isn’t enough, Gabby Hoffman of Girls fame will be there to talk about that and Transparent we imagine, and David Johansen of the New York Dolls will be there too. Ask him to tell you about the days when things were hot hot hot on St. Marks.

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