That’s a wrap! Get your holiday gifts wrapped for free at the Williamsburg library

Some people are just better at this. What can they say? It's a gift. via Flickr user Craig D
Some people are just better at this. What can they say? It’s a gift. via Flickr user Craig D

For those of us that lack coordination or suffer from sausage fingered hands that can’t tie a ribbon, gift wrapping during the holiday season can be as miserable of a chore as shopping for the gifts themselves. And if you have a big family that requires you to bring home 20+ gifts? Fuhgeddaboudit.

But this year there’s a better way to wrap things up before you skip town. The Brooklyn Public Library is offering FREE holiday gift wrapping at their Williamsburgh branch (yes, it has that “h” at the end) at 240 Division Ave. during opening hours. Starting tomorrow, Dec. 20 through Friday, Dec. 23 from 10am to 5:30pm, drop in with your gifts and wrapping (or use theirs) and nimble-fingered experts will assist you. They’ll even have supplies to help you decorate!

This isn’t just a time-saving trick, but a penny-saver, too. Gift wrapping is the #2 racket of stationery stores after greeting cards — it’s paper, it’s all just paper — and they looooove when you have to buy multiple $7 rolls of glittery paper, only to use a third of one and then end up throwing the rest away when you move.

So hey, you’re welcome. Wrappy holidays!


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  1. Sandra Javier-Santana

    Thank you for writing an article about the holiday gift wrapping at our library branch! I just want everyone to know it is for every holiday and it is definitely free!

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