Get an $8 cartoon tattoo at the Crazy 8 Cartoon Festival on Saturday

crazy 8 festival
Make sure the tattoo artists also gives your Popeye his tattoos, so you can get double tattoos

Hey dudes, do you know what every girl loves? A bad boy that’s in touch with his sensitive side. Well how does one achieve that you ask? It’s funny you ask, because I happen to know the perfect way, with a tattoo of Minnie Mouse! And just your luck, DNA Info points out that you can get Minnie, or any of your other favorite cartoon characters tattooed permanently onto your body this weekend for only 8 buckaroos!

This Saturday, October 18, The Crazy 8 Cartoon Festival is taking place in the West Village, appropriately on 8th Street, between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue. Alex McWatt, tattoo artist and proprietor of Three Kings Tattoo Shop in Greenpoint will set up a table at Stumptown Coffee Roasters (30 West 8th Street) from noon to 4pm, where he’ll ink you up on the spot. McWatt will let you choose from a selection of popular cartoon characters, but hey, for $8 you should be happy with whatever you get.

Once you’re inked up, the rest of the festival will feature art exhibitions, mural paintings, a flash parade, $8 WhistlePig Whiskey cocktails (one of the event’s sponsors) and of course $8 tattoos, all based around the theme of cartoons! The festival is going on from 10am until midnight, but be sure to stop at Lomography (41 West 8th Street), for a free tasting tour of WhistlePig Whiskey, starting at 4pm. Free Whiskey, cheap tattoos, cartoon enthusiasm, this is definitely worth the trip to Manhattan.

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