Get spiritual, catch a Terror Pigeon and more: The 5 best things to do in Brooklyn tonight

rev vince anderson
Celebrate 6 years of this, and maybe summon some sun. via Facebook

Ugh, Mondays, amirite? Or maybe not, since all days are really equally bad if you really stop to think about it. That being said, living in a place like Brooklyn gives you a good chance to distract yourself from that fact, because there are so many good things going on. Take these five things, that we found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar: all of these will be so much fun that you don’t ever stop to think about office politics or regular politics or anything beyond pure hedonistic glee. Hooray!

Ever go to a dance party and instead of dancing you just sulk by the bar because you’re not into the DJ at all? They’re playing too much 90s stuff. Or not enough 90s stuff. Or he just won’t play Ginuwine’s “Pony” for some reason. Well, here’s your chance to show the world you’re better than some chump DJ, because Friends and Lovers is inviting to you bring your own vinyl down and whip the crowd into a frenzy. Of course, if you don’t do that in a half-hour, you’ll get gonged off like Homer and Barney did oh so many years ago. On the other hand, if they love you, you keep going AND no matter how good or bad you are, there are $2 beers all night.
7pm, Friends and Lovers, 641 Classon Avenue, Crown Heights, FREE

Summer has been a tad underwhelming so far this year, and if you’re anything like us, that means you’re getting a little nervous that it’s NEVER going to be truly hot and sunny all season. We need some divine intervention to make sure that doesn’t happen, so go get spiritual with the ever-reliable Rev Vince Anderson and his Love Choir. It just so happens that Union Pool’s premiere keyboard-pounding, horn-blasting gospel band is celebrating their 6th year at Union Pool, so there should be some extra energy in the room tonight. See if you can’t get him to do “You Are My Sunshine” in an attempt to summon some real damn summer weather, but throw some money in the hat when it gets passed around no matter what.
10:30pm and midnight, Union Pool, 484 Union Avenue, Williamsburg, FREE (suggested donation)

Oh, we know, Night Train has a typically great lineup and there’s really no such thing as a bad night at Littlefield’s premier comedy show. We really like tonight’s lineup though, because not only is SNL’s Michael Che going to be there, but so will Kendra Cunningham, who previously regaled you with tales of her bartending life and has served many drinks to Brokelyn staffers in our lives before we were known as Brokelyn staffers.
8pm, Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street, Gowanus, $8

In case you haven’t heard, the Greek economy is falling apart. What better time to go to a reading of a debut novel about a young man who left Greece for America, became a management consultant working in the financial sector and fell into a life of hedonism as the world economy fell apart around him, that just so happens to be written by a Greek author who left Greece for America and is now a management consultant in addition to being a writer. We’re sure that any similarities to real-world events or people living or dead is TOTALLY coincidental.
7pm, BookCourt, 163 Court Street, Cobble Hill, FREE

Death By Audio is gone, and we’re all very sad about it. On the other hand, The Silent Barn is still here, and they’re keeping the spirit of D.B.A. alive with homemade arcade cabinet showcases. Tonight’s showcase features an apocalyptic dance party simulator, a two-player fight over a loaded gun and 7 more games to play between 6pm and 8pm. PLUS there’s a concert headlined by the Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt starting at 8pm. Why, squint hard enough and it’ll look like Death By Audio never disappeared from our borough at all!
6pm, The Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Avenue, Bushwick, 6pm, $6

Want to see your event on this list some day? Well add it to the Brokelyn Even Calendar and you just might!

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