WNYC showing the world where ‘Girls’ hang out

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Imagine this, but with more Lena Dunham wannabes.

Remember when tourists used to go on Sex and the City tours and sip $18 Cosmos at some once-shmancy-now-B&T Meat Packing lounge and buy ginormous cupcakes at Magnolia and chastely giggle at gigantic black rubber dildos in sex shops? What seemed so hip back then is eye-rollingly outdated now (as pointed out in this astute-yet-hilarious BuzzFeed article). In 2012 it’s hip to be broke. Lena Dunham is the Carrie Bradshaw of the Millennial generation and Brooklyn is the city. Luckily WNYC is crowd-sourcing an HBO Girls map of places the cast hangs out and films around Brooklyn that the double-decker tour bus industry can market to midwestern tourists as the “real” Brooklyn experience.

Prepare for (even more) 20-somethings in search of “the dream” to make Brooklyn their spring break destination. They’ll stay at one of the many new boutique hotels, they’ll wander around Williamsburg and Greenpoint with their faces buried in (m)ap(p)s, narrowly escaping being run over by irate bikers. Decked out in their thrifted finest, they’ll drink $6 beer-and-shot value meals and take up coveted bar stools at your favorite local dive while too loudly dissecting their degrading FWB “relationships,” clinging to hope that they too will turn into something more like the ever-awkward relationship between Hannah and Adam.

After that they can use Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations grand finale foodie tour to find a place to nosh since, according to the grand master foodie himself, “Brooklyn is the nexus where everything is going on right now.”

Isn’t it crazy how a place can be ruined by being too awesome?

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  1. And yet there’s so much other cool stuff to do in this city.

    Oh, well. As long as they stick to searching for Washington Commons in Cobble Hill.

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