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Blessed are the pugs: Get your pets blessed this Sunday for the Feast of St. Francis

Get each roll blessed
Bless those rolls.

Your pet dog or cat or manatee (just bring him back to SeaWorld already) probably hasn’t been to church in a while, considering the last time you tried your dog wouldn’t stop howling and your cat used the pews as a scratching post and your manatee kept picking fights with Sister Bernadette. If you’re concerned all dogs but yours go to heaven, don’t worry, there’s still hope, because a Flatbush church will be bestowing blessings on your animal buddies for free this weekend. 

St. Paul’s Church (157 St Pauls Place) is willing to put up with your belligerent pets in honor of the Feast of St. Francis, who was all about animals back in his day. Bring your leashed or crated St. Bernards, your Portuguese (holy) water dogs, your Irish (Catholic) setters, even your praying mantises to get blessed this Sunday at 1pm, so they can atone for their wild butt-sniffing, carpet-ruining lives. The day will have live organ music, a short tour of the church’s stained glass windows, and refreshments for humans to eat and pets to beg for. This may be one of your few chances to use #blessed in your cat’s Instagram unironically, so we hope you seize it.

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