Get your pets blessed and 11 other free things to do this week

Your pets are there for you all the time, so why not do something nice for them?
Your pets are there for you all the time, so why not do something nice for them?

1. Got rare vinyl? Got vinyl that will make people think you’re cooler than them? Then bring it to the Saint Catherine and set up shop at their turntable, because it’s “Bring Your Own Vinyl” night (Monday)

2. Journalist George Packer pops in to BookCourt to talk about his new bookThe Unwinding, a book about how we’re all basically screwed. Maybe the sequel will be happier? (Monday)

3. The Moth visits Greenlight, where they’ll have stories from past Moth champions and also a couple from everyday schlubs like you. Isn’t that special (Monday)

4. Hullabaloo Books begins their first reading series with Shelf Life, a curated non-fiction series. There will be beer, in addition to stories of things that actually happened from Meehan Crist, Catherine Lacey, Stephen O’Connor (Tuesday)

5. Comedian Bo Burnham will be at powerHouse to share his book of strange illustrations, Egghead, or, You Can’t Survive on Ideas Alone. Which is true, you know. You also need food (Tuesday)

6. You like jazz? You like Bushwick? Well then you should double like the Bushwick Jazz Jam. It’s math, look it up (Tuesday)

7. Our old myths were getting stale, so to provide a new god flow, Emma Straub, Peter Straub and a few other writers are getting together at WORD to read from a book of new myths (Wednesday)

8. BRIC is opening a new (art) house, so to celebrate, they’re hosting a free concert by reggae superstar Burning Spear (Thursday)

9. Improv group badgerbadger invites you to a Grand Adventure at Launchapd. Dress in layers in case there are actual, bite-y badgers (Thursday)

10. Get your pets blessed, to ward off vet vists and evil spirits, at the St. Francis Pet Day Blessing at Maria Hernandez Park. Which is a thing (Friday)

11. Babeland is having an Oktoberfest sex tip party with plenty of beer and sinful, suggestive hot dogs, so dress in your finest German beer wench outfit if that’s the kind of fetish you or your deviant boyfriend have, you’ll be welcome there (Friday)

12. Check out a free movie about winged serpent god Quetzlcoatl setting up shop at the spire of the Chrysler Building. Spoiler alert: she starts saying things like, “Hey, I’m flyin’ heah” by the end. New York always wins (Friday)

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