Get zine paper cuts and 12 other ways to spend the weekend

I scream, you scream, we all scream for zines. But hopefully you don't eat them after you get them
I scream, you scream, we all scream for zines. But hopefully you don’t eat them after you get them

1. Insane movie number one: The Story of Ricky, which features someone exploding a person’s head with their bare hands (Friday)

2. Insane movie number two: The Demon Lover, the story of when your occult party stops being polite and starts getting real and a demon starts murdering people (Friday)

3. Need 4/20 plans that don’t involve frisbee golf? We’ve got you covered, brah (Saturday)

4. The Brooklyn Free Clinic is hosting a streaming TED Talk on healthcare at the Gowanus Ballroom. Maybe you can also get someone there to look at that…thing on your leg (Saturday)

5. A good old-fashioned bake sale at a good old-fashioned tattoo shop, all to benefit BARC animal shelter (Saturday)

6. Slug down some free mimosas at Brooklyn Industries while getting 20% off whatever thing you drunkenly buy that you think looks awesome on you (Saturday)

7. The Wyckoff House teaches you how to celebrate spring the same way that ye olde English farmers used to. So leave the boombox blasting “Summetime at home (Saturday)

8. Learn how to make sauerkraut and kimchi at the Brooklyn ARTery, because you never know when the store will just stop carrying them (Saturday)

9. Check out a trade show that features all the up-and-coming businesses in the tri-state area. Or as you call them “the hated competition.” (Saturday)

10. Get ink all over your fingers at the Brooklyn Zine Fest (Sunday)

11. Catch Mama Brokelyn herself, local celebrity Faye Penn, judging food from Church Avenue restaurants at the Church Avenue Street Fair. And do other things too, don’t just stare at her eating, that’s creepy (Sunday)

12. Presentation Party Night gathers you all up to teach you about roller derby, hitchhiking and particle astrophysics. But really, doesn’t everyone know everything there is to know about particle astrophysics? (Sunday)


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