Get paid to buy a place in New York through MyFeeSimple

Real estate broker MyFeeSimple is getting buyers cash back on their purchases by tweaking the home-buying game. Before you roll your eyes and click onto the latest Taylor Swift/Beyonce beef thinkpiece, hear us out. Even if you’re not in the market for property, this is a chance to make $1,000. And if you are looking to buy a home, then you can definitely score a sweet commission rebate.

Here’s the background: when you buy a piece of property in NYC, the seller usually pays a 6% commission, split between the seller’s and buyer’s brokers. If the buyer has no broker, then all 6% goes to the seller’s broker. Got it? Good.

Most brokers will pocket their commissions, tip their fedoras, and bounce. But MyFeeSimple is offering something new. If you close a deal using their brokerage services, they’ll split their share of the commission with you. That’s 1.5% of the sale price given right back to you. If you buy, say, a $500,000 condo with MyFeeSimple as your real estate broker, you’ll get a $7,500 rebate check. That’s like 750 beer-shot combos!


Condo. Price: $1.14 million. Commission rebate: $17,100
Condo. Price: $1.14 million. Commission Rebate: $17,100

MyFeeSimple does everything a real estate broker should, too. They help you search for property, negotiate prices, complete board packages, and refer lawyers and inspectors. It’s like getting paid to use all the same services of a regular broker.

If you’re anything like us, you’re a loooong way off from buying property. But you can still make a little money with MyFeeSimple even if you’re not joining the landed gentry of NYC.

Help MyFeeSimple spread the word – for a limited time, refer somebody and you’ll get $1,000 when they close. We’re sure you have friends who are “responsible adults” with “real jobs” who “save money” for a house instead of blowing it on beer-shot combos. If they’re buying, tell them about MyFeeSimple. They’ll get a spectacular rebate and you’ll get a grand if they close. It’s a win-win!


Co-op. Price: $720,000. Commission rebate: $10,800
Co-op. Price: $720,000. Commission Rebate: $10,800

And if you are in the market for a home and are curious to learn more about commission rebate in New York, contact MyFeeSimple here for more information.

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