Get Martyred and 10 other ways to spend the Super weekend

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King Charles the Martyr rocks the Rock Shop, Saturday

1. Live your dream of singing in front of a live band, pray it doesn’t become a nightmare, at live band karaoke (Friday)

2. Go see a show for a $1. $1! That’s cheaper than 16 oz. of soda. Probably healthier too (Friday)

3. Freddy’s kicks off their second birthday celebration. Ah, the terrible twos. We feel bad for their neighbors (Friday)

4. Don’t go dancing at just any hall, go dancing at Arsenio’s Hall (Friday)

5. Show the Times courtship is far from dead: make a kerchief for your valentine (Saturday)

6. Get together with some gals and plan a production of The Vagina Monologues. There’ll be plenty of cosmos, we’re sure. LOL, sexism (Saturday)

7. King Charles the Martyr gets rock and roll devotional at The Rock Shop (Saturday)

8. It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day, which means the much better holiday of Galentine’s Day is here (Saturday)

9. A three ring Starfish Circus hits the Bell House. Actually, we don’t know how many rings they have, possibly zero. Because it’s a podcast (Saturday)

10. It’s the Super Bowl, so watch the Destiny’s Child halftime reunion special at least (Sunday)

11. Head to the Spectacle and see what non-time it is on the Anti-Clock (Sunday)

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