Get a lesson from the Dear Leader and 8 other ways to spend the weekend

the great thinker kim jong il propaganda
Greetings, capitalist dogs and imperialist lackeys. Enjoy the music.

1. Greenpoint vintage store People of 2morrow are having a big sale and party, with free wine. Go help them out and buy something so they can finally afford the “to” in “tomorrow” (Friday)

2. It’s the end of Movember, so shave your silly freaking mustache and celebrate that you no longer look ridiculous, at an End of Movember party at Spike Hill (Friday)

3. Get a look into the hermit kingdom of North Korea by watching two propaganda films made by their government. Should be a real funky get down Juche party (Friday)

4. Get another Thanksgiving meal at the Living Gallery’s record swap and vegetarian/vegan Thanksgiving potluck. Oh and get some records too we guess, but just don’t eat them (Saturday)

5. Go to the bookstore, see if you see your favorite author is there. Since they’re merely a bookstore employee today, you can be as rude to them as you usually are to retail employees (Saturday)

6. Dance off some of those Thanksgiving pounds at dance party The Rub, before you put them right back on during the upcoming Chritmas season eat-a-thon (Saturday)

7. Spend some time with your real family: Captains Kirk and Picard, united at last inĀ Star Trek: Generations (Sunday)

8. Eat food someone else made, without having to leave a tip, at the Open Source Gallery’s Soup Kitchen (Sunday)

9. Comedian Micah Sherman is hosting some comedians at Littlefield who would like you to please like them, so just be polite about it, comedians are very fragile (Sunday)

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