Fort Greene’s Baba Cool is giving away coffee for two weeks

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We now know at least one good thing is happening in 2015. via Facebook

So, it’s officially 2015, in the sense that you can no longer revel in New Year’s Day or post-New Year’s Day haze where you said you were just too tired to work or act like a normal human. Back to the same soul crushing grind you had last year, oh well. At least you can start your awful grind it with a free pick-me-up this year, as Fort Greene Focus points out that Fort Greene coffee shop Baba Cool (64B Lafayette Avenue) is giving away coffee weekday mornings for two weeks to start the year.

There are certainly worse ways to start the morning than with free coffee, in fact there are a ton of worse ways to start the morning, so this comes as a pleasant surprise right around the time people start having post-holiday depression. Not that Baba Cool said that’s why they’ll give you a free cup of coffee between 7:30am and 9:30am on weekday mornings until January 16. They said they’re doing it “just cuz” and who are we to argue with that logic? So if you’ve got a chance to snag the coffee, definitely do, since for all we know, this will be the only good thing to happen in 2015.

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