Get Happy, there’s a new talk show coming to Cameo Gallery

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Better do what the sign tells you to

Man, what is it about bars and venues in Brooklyn hosting talk shows nowadays? Is it because we don’t have TV? It’s that, right? Whatever it is, there’s yet another talk show joining the ranks of “Running Late” and “Late Night Basement,” and it’s one to look forward to, because it’s hosted by Brooklyn nightlife veteran (at this point) Jo Firestone, co-host of the Punderdome.

Get Happy” sounds like it’s going to have to same kind of off-kilter approach to things that the Punderdome has, with the audience encouraged to throw things at the stage and run around screaming, before sitting quietly in their seats again to see interviews and musical guests. Which, for the debut show at Cameo Gallery on Monday night, will include a clarinet quartet. Will Woody Allen be in it? Ah, probably not, but you never know. There’s also going to be an actor hired to make mashed potatoes all night, which, hey alright. And then after all the insanity, there’s going to be a free hip hop dance class at the end of the night. Perfect for getting you some moves for the upcoming Brooklyn Bridge Park dance parties. Not bad for seven bucks.

If, by the way, you’ve never seen Jo do her thing, you can check her out in a video about about a Brooklyn date that runs into the buzzsaw that is the G train (she’s the girl in the video):

Get Happy, Monday, April 22, 8pm – 11pm, Cameo Gallery, 93 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg, $7

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