Get happy! And 16 other ways to spend this weekend

Get Happy: Just another normal night in Brooklyn's comedy scene. via Facebook
Get Happy: Just another normal night in Brooklyn’s comedy scene. via Facebook

1. OK, it’s finally here. Time to stuff yourself stupid at GoogaMooga, at least if you can afford to do that (Friday – Sunday)

2. As an alternative to GoogaMooga, you can check out the Bohemian Festival at the Onderdonk House. Should be a little more hippie-friendly (Friday – Sunday)

3. Learn about cocktails through whimsical illustrations at Powerhouse, and drink cocktails through your mouth because they’ll have those for you too (Friday)

4. It’s Bike to Work Day, so there’s nothing like a party celebrating the act of biking home from work. Because, ugh, work (Friday)

5. Summer@MetroTech’s film series kicks off with the story of the funky brothers that make up the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, The Brothers Hypnotic, followed by a funky live performance from Hypnotic themselves (Friday)

6. Hooray, it’s time for Lit Crawl! Don’t worry, you can walk on two legs to enjoy it. In fact, that’s encouraged (Saturday)

7. Put on an inflatable costume and ride though the Rockaways in a bike parade. Eh, why the hell not? (Saturday)

8. Raise some money for sane development advocates Neighbors Allied for Good Growth buy buying, then eating cupcakes at North Brooklyn Takes the Cake (Saturday)

9. Pratfall-filled reading series Fireside Follies returns to Brooklyn Fireproof for the start of their fourth year. Good job, guys (Saturday)

10. ManufactureNY has a brand new space to actually make clothes in America, so they’re celebrating with a party (Saturday)

11. Like going to readings but hate listening to other people read? At Mellow Pages’ “Late Night With Everyone,” anyone who shows up can be a reader (Saturday)

12. The Cobra Club is having a surf rock dance party, because it can’t all be fucking dubstep and techno out there (Saturday)

13. Learn to make your own oscillator and eat some BBQ at the Living Gallery. Just don’t accidentally eat your oscillator (Sunday)

14. Head to Sheepshead Bay for BayFest 2013,  a free, six-hour musical extravaganza! (Sunday)

15. Hup hup, ho! The Coney Island Strongmen are back for a day to perform incredible feats of strength. Whatever you do, don’t challenge them to wrestling match (Sunday)

16. Presentation Party Night wants to teach you all about particle astrophysics. Finally, something you can about at a party while flirting (Sunday)

17. Absurd comedy variety show Get Happy! comes back to Public Assembly. They’ve asked that you remember to bring a spoon this time, because last time people had to eat the complimentary mashed potatoes with their hands (Sunday)

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