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Get a free bike helmet today in Kensington, to protect that big brain of yours

free bike helmet
Your head could use one of those. via Facebook

As we all know, it’s Bike Month. Hooray Bike Month! The only problem with Bike Month is that being a cyclist means you have to be on guard to not be murdered by a car. One way to help live through the whole “getting run over” thing could be having a helmet. Oh, but you’re too cool to spend money on one. Well, lucky for you then, that the Department of Transportation will just give you a damn helmet today, down at the Kensington Public Library.

Yep, you read that right, a one thousand percent free bike helmet can be yours, if you can get to the Kensington Public Library (4201 18th Avenue) between 4pm and 6:30pm. We’d get there earlier though, because according to the email we got about the giveaway, they’re only giving helmets away “while supplies last.” We heard that all the cool kids who thought it was lame to wear a helmet have decided that cool windblown hair in exchange for devastating brain injuries isn’t a good tradeoff anymore, so we’re sure the helmets will go quick.

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