Get free admission to Fifth Ave museums at the Museum Mile Festival

museum mile festival
Art for miles. via Facebook

After your day of work in the city is done, you might be thinking of running back home to Brooklyn as fast as you can so that you can binge on the rest of Orange Is The New Black before someone spoils something while you’re on the food truck line. Or maybe you want to see the season finale of Veep that you’ve been meaning to watch. Hold off on that for just a few hours though, because nine museums on Fifth Avenue between 82nd Street and 105th Street are open and have free admission for the Museum Mile Festival. Hooray, culture!

The festival, celebrating Fifth Avenue’s many cultural institutions is going down today from 6pm to 9pm, and will allow you to get into the following museums for free:

-The Africa Center

-El Museo Del Barrio

-The Museum of the City of New York

-The Jewish Museum

-The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum

-The National Academy Museum and School

-The Guggenheim

-The Neue Galerie New York

-The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Even if you’re not into museums, because of the silence and your inability to use an indoor voice, there’ll be plenty to do on Fifth Avenue itself. There’s going to a chalk mural based on graffitti styles being made right there in front of you near the Museum of the City of New York. The Asphalt Orchestra is going to be playing near the Jewish Museum, there’ll be a juggle on 87th Street and so much more, that you can check out here. So stroll down Fifth Avenue languidly, without people shouting at you to get the fuck out of the way for once.

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