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Hot dog O.G. Feltman’s selling $2 hot dogs at Sycamore every Wednesday this summer

feltman's hot dogs
Now at Sycamore. via Facebook

Starting Wednesday July 1st, and continuing every Wednesday this summer, you can satisfy your craving for summer hot dogs at Sycamore’s Bar and Flower Shop in Ditmas Park. According to The Coney Island Blog, Feltmans’s of Coney Island, the original Coney Island hot dog franchise (whose founder is credited with creating the hot dog in 1867) is returning to Brooklyn after shutting down in 1954. It will be a part of the Flatbush Food Market, “a group of vendors that serves a variety of different foods daily at the hip Ditmas Park venue.”

Starting at 6pm every Wednesday and continuing until every single $2 dollar hot dog is consumed by the hungry, and drunk people of Brooklyn, Feltman’s is returning to Brooklyn after being put out of business by everyone’s favorite overpriced hot dog Nathan’s. The reason we even have Nathan’s in the first place, according to the article, is because Nathan Handwerker use to work for the original Feltman’s, and left to start his own business once the hot dogs price were raised to a whole ten cents.

Now Nathan’s is the hot dog mainstay with overpriced hot dogs ($4.15!) and Feltman’s is returning for it’s crown as hot dog capital of Brooklyn. There is word that it will return to Coney Island, but until then, you can grab some cheap hot dogs, some happy hour booze and even some flowers for your loved ones when they ask “where the hell have you been all evening?”

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