Get ’em while it’s hot: what to do on this last warm day of the year

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When it comes to summer fun, never say die. Photo by Mary Dorn

Whoa, what’s this? Temperatures in the mid-70s in mid-October? We’ll take it. But we’ll also revel in the transience of the moment, since this is probably the last day it’ll feel this warm until next June. In other words, this is your last chance to take advantage of the things you love most about warm weather. Can’t think of any? That’s okay, we made a list for you. 


Order a cold drip at Kings Coffee.
It’s cold brew, BK’s favorite seasonal caffeinated beverage. Easy enough to make at home, but so delicious to enjoy on-the-go. Order a last cup of the iced good stuff before it’s all maple-spiced lattés and other confusing hot things. Our latest chilled obsession? The concentrated cold-drip at Kings Coffee (37 Carroll Street) in Red Hook. Palastro serves up a diluted-to-order brew that’s smooth, you can’t even feel how much it’s waking you up.


via Lowlands
Warm air, good company, and sweet deals. Need we say more? via Lowlands

Use our Beer, Wine & Cocktail Books at outdoor bars.
Before you know it, patios will close up for the season and you won’t be able to enjoy the backyards of your favorite bars any more. Which is a crying shame, when we’ve got so many spots with backyards listed in each of our bar books. Today’s the day to use those coupons, brokesters! Make sure to tip generously on 2-for-1 prices and freebies while you watch the sunset. If you’d don’t have a book yet, but you still want to enjoy a buzz in the outdoors, not to worry: check out the spots on our comprehensive outdoor drinking guide. Heck, crawl to a bunch of spots in your area—just make sure you pace yourself.


There's still time to picnic, don't let anyone tell you different today. via flickr user Kilgub
There’s still time to picnic, don’t let anyone tell you different today. via flickr user Kilgub

Grill a burger in Prospect Park.
There are more places than ever to barbecue in Prospect Park, but soon you’ll find yourself hovering so close to the grill in order to keep warm that you might even burn off an eyebrow. I’ve done that, and believe me, everyone is wondering what your facial expression is when you only have one eyebrow. But more to the point, don’t wait until next June to enjoy that perfectly-cooked burger: head out to the park with some ground chuck and fire it up. Option #2: opt to have it served to you, because there are always burger-and-beer specials to be had in the borough.


Hey, ladder ladder swing! Photo by Zoraida Palencia
Hey, ladder ladder swing! Photo by Zoraida Palencia

Take a day trip to your favorite Brooklyn beach. 
Sure, the water’ll be a little cold. But the sun won’t! This is a perfect day to get out onto the sand for a last few games of ladder ball, volleyball, frisbee and all those other dreamy beach pastimes, not to mention coolers filled with secret beers. We don’t have a favorite beach for you, but we do have a nifty beach quiz to find out which borough beach is your spirit beach. Head out there with a couple of pals who don’t have day jobs! Or just play hooky, we won’t tell.

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