Grillin’ is chillin’: Prospect Park adding more BBQ spots this summer

prospect park barbecue
Coming this summer: More places for this.

Is there anything like a summer barbecue in the park? No, there is not, that’s a pretty easy question to answer. The only thing about having one of them though is that despite the largeness of Prospect Park, you can’t just set up a grill wherever and start barbecuing your seitan anywhere, because that would be anarchy. Fortunately, there’ll be more room for you to stretch your spatula-holding arms this summer, as DNA Info reports that the city is adding another barbecue zone to Prospect Park starting on Memorial Day.

Since all of us love a backyard barbecue but only about 2% of us have backyards in which to do it, obviously Prospect Park has become a real popular place to grill. Realizing that, the city has come around on the idea that 12 barbecue zones aren’t enough, so they’re adding a 13th zone on the east side of the park between the Lincoln Road playground and the boathouse. So if you live in Prospect-Lefferts or Flatbush, or Ditmas Park, you won’t have to schlep all the way to the park’s west side just to grill. Which is important, since schlepping takes energy and if you expend too much before you start to grill you get hangry and no one wants that.

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