Free PBR, stick-and-pokes and big discounts are waiting for you at Golly Mag’s holiday pop-up

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We love this body-inclusive fashion spread from Issue 01 of Golly Magazine (via @gollymagazine)

We’re at that magical sweet spot – the calm before the storm, the capitalist insanity that is the holiday season. Come Black Friday, it will officially be a present buying (or more likely, procrastinating) race against Father Time AND Father Christmas, which is enough pressure and daddy issues to make us want to crawl into bed with a month’s supply of eggnog and hope for the best.

Instead of making that slightly pathetic image a reality, why not get a leg up on the competition this year and casually peruse some great vintage and designer wares, sip on some free PBR, subscribe to a brand new magazine, and maybe get a hand poke by an up-and-coming, Insta-famous tattoo maven? All things you can do at Golly Magazine’s holiday pop-up shop Friday.

If that’s more your holiday shopping speed, head over to Antoinette Vintage (119 Grand Street, Williamsburg) this Friday, November 21 for Golly Magazine’s One-Stop Pop-Up Shop. You may remember Golly as our sassy, sweet Brokelyn High sponsor, but if you didn’t get a chance to thoroughly chat up these talented self-starters about the merits of creating and running their own print publication, then here’s your opening. The team will be there selling copies of the first issue (as well as giving out stickers & selling adorable patches!), and Antoinette Vintage is keen to provide necessary festive ambiance with 20% off the entire store and free PBR for everyone.

In addition, Tea Leigh will be in-store inking lucky patrons with her now famous hand-pokes on a first come, first serve basis. Sound good? We thought so. Make sure you get all the details here, show up at Antoinette Vintage on November 21 between 7-10pm, and get ready to shop the way the holiday gods intended.

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