Cupid take the wheel: 5 Brooklyn date nights worth the drive

Don't let bad weather ruin an otherwise good date. via ReachNow.
Don’t let bad weather ruin an otherwise good date. via ReachNow.

Typically, Brokelyn would be the first to decry the rampant corporate nonsense driving up M&M prices at Duane Reade every February, but these days, Valentine’s Day is looking like a welcome distraction. What’s a better way to let loose than treating yourself and your significant other/possible Tinder date to a fun outing? Sure, it can be hard to plan with how unexpected the weather has been (insert reminder that climate change is real here). There are lots of things to take into consideration when it comes to Date Night (outfit choices, location, travel times). Hopping over 5-ft deep slush pools can be treacherous (especially in heels), so walking is out, leaving you with the subway and buses. Nothing kills *the mood* faster than the smells, mysterious moisture, lack of seats, delays and the dreaded “It’s showtime!” we encounter on the MTA every day.

But! What if we told you there’s was a new option when it comes to travel, without public transportation or weathering the weather?

Enter ReachNow, a new-car sharing network from BMW that’s recently come to Brooklyn. This free-floating car service gets you from Point A to Point B with their one-way rentals and without the usual hassle of car rentals. You’ve got your choice of ride from the BMW 3-series or the MINI Cooper depending how cozy you want to get. Right now you can waive the membership fee and using the code “BROKELYN” and you’ll get $15 driving credit.

Traveling around Brooklyn has never been easier, opening up your date-night possibilities further flung throughout the borough and beyond. We’ve rounded up a few romantic suggestions that you and your bae can hit with the help of ReachNow.

Everyone loves a good brunch date via. iStock
Everyone loves a good brunch date via. iStock

The “We Met Up at 10am” Date

All right, so it’s not technically “Date Night” if it’s in the daytime, but there’s something electric about a day date; the sun is (hopefully) shining, you’re wide awake and there’s so many other things and activities to do! Want to start the day off in Park Slope for brunch and thrifting and then check out an art exhibit in Bushwick? No problem!

With your rental, you’ll fret less about wasting half your day traveling. You can kick-off your morning eating at Sidecar (Park Slope) Not only are the bartenders delectably heavy on the booze, but the fried chicken and waffles is an absolute must. Thrift nearby at Monk and Vice Versa and get to galleries like the Elijah Wheat Showroom and Microscope Gallery (Bushwick) within a few hours! Wherever you whims may lead, this BMW has your back to get you there. 


We've all wanted to do this via. Fatherly
We’ve all wanted to do this via. Fatherly

The IKEA Date

Remember when Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel played house at IKEA in 500 Days of Summer? Don’t lie, you know the reference. Renting a MINI Cooper Clubman will ease your drive through Red Hook in half the time it would take to do the usual train/bus route. You’ll spend hours munching on cafeteria meatballs and mispronouncing Swedish furniture. You’ll run around, roll around, and hop out of cabinets to scare each other.

Sure, you’ll pick up a few things to spruce up your apartment, maybe you’ll even splurge and pick out a new bookshelf that’s more than $50. Thanks to the Clubman’s spacious trunk and folding rear seats, you’ll even be able to easily drive it home. It’ll look great in the living room with all your books intermingling. Let’s just hope the relationship survives putting it together first.


A view from River Cafe via. TripAdvisor
A view from River Cafe via. TripAdvisor

The “It’s Just You and Me, Babe” Date

It’s about time you both spent a little “just us” time together. Enjoy a smooth drive for a more ~romantic rendezvous~ type of date where you’re less concerned about the prices and more focused on your relationship. 

Want a restaurant with view perhaps? Try River Cafe (Dumbo) near the Brooklyn bridge, followed by dessert at nearby Jacques Torres Chocolate. Or if you’re looking for a location that’s cozy and more intimate, head to Vinegar Hill House. By driving, you cut down on the nearly mile-long walk you’d have to make if you were to get off the 2 or Q! That’s quality time you could be snuggled up with your loved one over a candlelit meal. Sparks will be flying, so don’t be afraid to take the scenic route home. While you’re able to pay by the minute for driving/parking, ReachNow’s premium vehicles with heated leather seats and Sirius XM to set the perfect comfy mood if you decide to pullover for a quick makeout sesh.


BowlersOnly.com via. Playbuzz
BowlersOnly.com via. Playbuzz

The “We Should Hang Out with Other Couples” Date

Maybe you’re in the mood for a double date, or maybe you think this is the year you trying swinging (no judgment!), but if you’re all coming from different parts of the borough, picking a hangout spot can be tricky. With the help of the Clubman, carpooling has never been easier. This BMW has built in navigation for easy pick-up, and with plenty of space for four people, you’ll be getting the party before you’ve reached your destination!

Take the car to one of these Brokelyn-approved group date spots:

Barcade (Williamsburg): With a great selection of beers on tap and 60+ arcade games, there’s no bad here. You can also get food delivered here so you can continue playing Bust-A-Move while stuffing your face.

Royal Palms ShuffleBoard Club (Gowanus): Not only is the bathroom perfect for selfies, but each shuffleboard rental gives you a free lesson! They’re fully stacked with 10 courts, board games, two bars and a food truck every night.

Littlefield (Gowanus): If you didn’t know it already, Littlefield is amazing. Not only do they host the Punderdome, but we just hosted our 6th annual No Office Holiday Party with the skint. From hosting comedy shows, dance parties and other events, Littlefield has something going on almost every night.

Melody Lanes (Sunset Park): Bowling is still great, even in your 20s and onward. While I’m a firm believer that bowling is a great two-person date, this is great for group dates. Hell, maybe you’ll even start a league if you like each other enough. Glow bowling starts a 7pm! (If you don’t know what that means, you didn’t have a real childhood).


Beach? Please! via Reach Now.
Beach? Please! via Reach Now.

The “You Want to Actually Leave Brooklyn?” Date

The roads aren’t plowed well? Screw the snow! With both BMW and Mini Club options being all-wheel drives, nothing can stop you from, dare I say it, leaving Brooklyn? Everyone needs a change of scenery eventually. If you’re feeling saucy, roll up to the Museum of Sex and learn something new about sexual health and grab some new toys! Or you can catch a nerd-themed burlesque show at the Slipper Room (they’ve even done GoT and Ricky and Morty themed shows).

Drive to Brighton Beach for some pirate-themed, authentic Russian dishes. Everyone hates commuting to Astoria because there’s no clear shot train/bus wise from Brooklyn, but romantic spots are easily accessible by car! DiWine has a great selection of wine and food till 1am (with live jazz playing every Boozy Brunch over the weekend), and Milkflower is a cozy, warm spot with brick oven pizzas like the “Wu Tang Clam,” the “Chardie Sheen,” and the “Abe Fromon.” While you’re able to pay by the minute for driving/parking, ReachNow also offers competitive day rates, should things go really well and you want to spend the night.

You’re perfect Date Night is out there. Thanks to ReachNow, just make like Rhianna and ~sultry voice~ “shut up and drive.”

Ready to sign-up? ReachNow has temporarily waived the sign-up fee and has special promotional rates that make it cheaper than a Spirit flight — but you’ll actually get to your location on time and have oh so much more leg room. So grab your bae/boo/tinder date/blind date/speed date you hit it off with and ride off into the sunset…or at least over the Brooklyn Bridge. Enter the code “BROKELYN” under promos and receive $15 driving credit.

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