Get crazy with Zadie and 8 other free things to do this week

Via Washington Square News.

1. Broken Comedy at Matchless seems like kind of a redundant term, because comedians are always talking about how broken they are inside. Except Jay Leno, which is why he’s not very funny. (Monday)

2. It’s starting to get cold out there. Head to Union Pool and borrow some heat from the Rev. Vince Anderson. (Monday)

3. Zadie Smith hops across the pond river to talk about her new novel, NW, and make you jealous  of her youth and success. (Tuesday)

4. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges presents a talk on his new book about the gross excesses of capitalism. Try not to get too swept up in it and throw your money in the sewer. At least send it to us. (Wednesday)

5. There’s a new silent comedy film series in Brooklyn and it sounds awesome AND it comes with macaroni and cheese. Who knows, maybe Paul Auster will be there researching a sequel to The Book of Illusions. (Wednesday)

6. Action Bronson brings his crazy beard and crazy rhymes to Public Assembly. Sponsored by Scion. (Wednesday)

7. Old Handsome Joe Biden steps up to the podium against an Eddie Munster impersonator that wants to go back to the Gilded Age. Ugh, we need another drink. (Thursday)

8. Oh hey a vintage record sale. Look for Joe Biden to just suddenly show up after his debate, digging around for Molly Hatchet records. (Thursday)

9. It’s Friday night, so get your dancing shoes on for Brooklyn Boogie. No, not just your dancing shoes, you’re going to need pants too. (Friday)

Listings pulled from the Brokelyn events calendar. Add your event today!

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