Get your ‘Broad City’ fix, see Ilana Glazer perform free at the Cake Shop tonight

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Look how happy making you laugh makes her!

We might be just starting the hopeless slog that is January, but there’s reason for optimism: the second season of Broad City is just days away (January 14, though no one’s counting). Still, season previews and wacky clips of the stoned adventures to come can only tide you over so much. Good thing for you then, that Ilana Glazer will be live and in person making jokes at the Cake Shop tonight. And you’re invited, and it’s free. Man, what a day this is.

Yep, that’s right, comedy from Ilana Glazer, and all you have to do is convince your feet and legs to take you to the Cake Shop tonight by 8pm. Or should we say, free comedy from Ilana Glazer, no need to go and cash your eight fucking thousand dollar check. Unless of course you really want to, in which case, knock yourself out

The only thing that might be stopping you is that the Cake Shop is in Manhattan and it’s snowing. Which on the one makes some sense, but hey, the Cake Shop is pretty good and rising rents will probably eventually just deposit it in Williamsburg before rising rents deposit it in Bushwick, so if you haven’t been this is a good reason to check it out. Also, you didn’t come to New York City just to mope about the weather, you moved here to get extremely high and see your basic cable heroes live and in person. So do that.

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