Get antic on Atlantic and 14 other things to check out this weekend

There’s more to it than that, but what else do you need? Via The Brooklyn Paper

1. Get you some culture at the DUMBO Arts Festival. (Friday – Sunday)

2. Death by Creation. It’s art. It all sounds better than death by snake bite, death by falling anvil or death by gravity gun. (Friday)

3. The Battle for Brooklyn gets an outdoor screening, and no, it’s not a sequel to The Warriors. (Friday)

4. Let them eat (birthday) cake. In Greenpoint. (Friday)

5. You know The World Maker Faire is a serious event because they added an “e” onto fair. (Saturday-Sunday)

6. One thing not promised in this fascinating presentation on subway car design is why the announcements from conductors still sound like “Mfghfmfghtufgh.” (Saturday)

7. The 20th Annual Chili Pepper Fiesta should be a great time for young and old. Here’s a preview. P.S. Find your soulmate… (Saturday)

8. Learn how to sew leather and you can finally wear those tattered pants at the fetish club again. (Saturday)

9. Williamsburg cafe/bar The West is celebrating its second anniversary with “complimentary drinks.” Which is just an adult way of saying FREE BEER. (Saturday)

10. Bushwig is a drag festival. It shouldn’t be confused with the Ichtus Festival, which is a drag OF a festival. (Saturday)

11. The Atlantic Antic is probably the best street fair in the entire world. We won’t listen to any arguments to the contrary. (Sunday)

12. Say goodbye to the DeKalb Market forever, and not a moment too soon. We really needed more tall towers in Brooklyn. (Sunday)

13. An update on what Occupy Sunset Park has been doing, so you can finally stop emailing us and asking. (Sunday)

14. If your kids aren’t afraid of clowns yet, they will be once you expose them to a street full of weeping, wailing ones wearing all black. (Sunday)

15. A documentary about marriage that explores whether there’s an I in We. There certainly isn’t one in “team” but there is one in “pie” and…kinda lost the thread there. (Sunday)

Listings pulled from the Brokelyn events calendar. Don’t see yours? Add it today!

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  1. Thanks for posting the Battle for Brooklyn screening for tonight. In case of rain the film will screen indoors at 669 Atlantic Avenue, corner of Atlantic and South Portland. This location is wheelchair accessible.

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