Get a sneak peek what it’s like to be a coop member (like this guy)

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Get your membership-free range eggs one-day-only! Photo via Greene Hill Food Co-op Facebook.

It’s really too bad food co-ops have such an exclusive no-membership, no-entry rap because they really do have great local, sustainable products at affordable prices compared to other Brooklyn markets. Instead co-ops are better known for strict socialist membership rules, political boycotts, and A-list members than for providing a low-cost grocery alternative. Well, budget-conscious Brooklynites, on Oct. 6 from noon to 6pm, the Greene Hill Food Co-op in Clinton Hill will open its doors to non-members, offering an opportunity to see what kind of organic, seasonal bargains you are missing and possibly brush hands with celeb-member Adrien Grenier while reaching for a bushel of kale. 

The open shopping day is part of a community-wide fall celebration taking place at nearby Putnam Triangle (Putnam Ave between Grand Ave & Cambridge Place) that will involve free food samples from local vendors and restaurants, cooking demonstrations, backyard farming education (including how to raise live chickens in urban environments) and, of course, yoga (because obviously you’ll need to limber up before entering the organic cheese & produce free-for-all). The day will be soundtracked with reggae, funk, soul and afrobeats by the Sound Liberation Front.

Greene Hill opened in December 2011 and, like Park Slope and Bushwick co-ops, is a not-for-profit member-run grocery store. It has a per-adult membership fee of $175 and all adult members of a household sharing food must join and are required to work two hours every four weeks (members are allowed to work the shifts for other members of their household).

So if you’ve avoided joining because of the inevitable public shame by the co-op police because you’re a slacker and will no doubt miss your shifts, take advantage of this one-day-only offer. Bring lots of reusable bags.

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    • Good comment. Yes, the Flatbush Co-op is open to non-members. It’s shameful how some people who claim to be in-the-know just don’t know. Or maybe they’re ignoring the rest of Brooklyn on purpose?

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