Genius anti-MAGA posters remind you to keep NYC ‘trash free’

NYC isn’t afraid to protest. And, NYC isn’t afraid to laugh, either.

You might have seen these snarky PSA announcements on your daily commute as of late: anti-MAGA posters reminding you to keep our beloved city trash free. As reported in Gothamist, “The parody posters feature a slovenly-dressed man wearing a MAGA hat with a Confederate flag heart tattoo—he is also holding a Chick-fil-A drink, in case the message and symbolism of the poster was not apparent enough.” The genius artist? None other than Winston Tseng, who brought you the too-true and satirical MTA service announcement posters.


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If you were wandering around the East Village the other night, you had a quick chance to spy one poster… right before it got ripped up. There might be more locations with the poster. But Tseng is keeping quiet. However, the artist is passionate about creating these posters to keep citizens alert, active, and engaged. And, no big brand is backing him. He said: “Realistically no company is going to hire me to do this kind of work, so I decided to just do it myself.”

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