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Laugh at the MTA’s expense with this clever poster

Our apartments may be small, but we can certainly make room on a wall for this funny satire poster. The Your Train Is Delayed graphic poster is the creation of artist Winston Tseng.

From overcrowded subway platforms and stalled trains to endless delays and disrupted service, the subway is probably at peak shitstorm. While the poster serves up some major snark, it’s makes a jarring point on the hellhole that is known as the MTA.Β And now, you can take that satire and stick it on your walls to add some major clout for your abode.

The Indiegogo campaign for the poster is over fully funded for production and you can snag a poster for $35, which is a pretty sweet and inexpensive deal. Feeling like a big spender? Drop $60 bucks and you can get two posters (one black, one white). Keep them both for yourself or maybe give one to a friend.

Buy a poster here.

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