G train ranked number one in something other than frustrated riders

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Everyone wants a piece of it. via Flickr user gmpicket

Transit nerds across the city rejoiced today, because the MTA released 2012’s ridership figures today. Data, precious data! What are some things we should care about here? Weekday ridership went up 1.8% from 2011, which is why you struggled to find a seat two out of every seven days you rode the train. Also, Atlantic Av-Pacific Street (nope, not calling it Barclays) was the busiest station in all of Brooklyn, moving an astounding 11.5 million people through its turnstiles. And last but not least, the G train had the biggest increase in ridership out of all the lines in the system. Suck on that, 2 train!

Weekday ridership of the G train increased by 4.2%, or almost 2,000 more people every weekday. Why though? More people working at the Court Steeet Trader Joe’s? A population explosion in the neighborhoods served by the previously lonely train? The magic of poetry? Probably that second one actually. The Riders Alliance jumped all over the report to continue making their quixotic requests for more and more on time G trains, which the MTA promised to get right on, at least in our imagination. In reality, they still have to study the issue. Because you know, maybe waiting goddamn forever for a G train and having it split into two sections every other weekend is all in our minds.

So the next time you’re on a platform that slowly grows more and more crowded with people looking at their watches and clearly wondering if they’d get to their destination faster by walking on the tracks, at least you can know you’re giving precious moments of your life to New York’s trendiest subway line!

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