Today: Rage for accountability with the journalists who dared to unionize

On Thursday afternoon, at the whim of a billionaire, New York lost two of its biggest local news sites and with them a world of accountability, countless stories now fated to go untold. DNAinfo and Gothamist, the latter of which had been purchased only seven months prior by Trump-supporter and Chicago Cubs owner Joe Ricketts, were vital assets to New York city’s journalism ecosystem. Whether or not you work in media, this should deeply sadden you: wide swaths of neighborhoods across the five boroughs now have no one committed to covering their news. The void created by the sudden closure of Gothamist and DNA due to one very rich man’s frustration with a handful of journalist’s gal to seek legal protection by unionizing will not be filled in the foreseeable future.

As is the problem with petty billionaire backers who’d rather see their newsrooms shutter in the name of “business” than sell those assets, there is little hope for the reestablishment of the two sites in their former form. The fast to emerge Gothamist in Exile site is, despite some of the bizarre implications of its Twitter account and title, not affiliated with any former DNA or Gothamist staffers. So, what now?

Come Rally To Support The Workers At DNAinfo and Gothamist today, at an event held by their union, Writers Guild of America, East. While there’s little hope for Ricketts changing his mind, the former workers deserve a platform to express their grief, reflections and, possibly, a plan for the future. Elected officials will also be present, according to the event’s Eventbrite. Come rage against the dying of the light – these underpaid, overworked, yet deeply devoted journalists are perfect proof we will not go gently into that good night.

The rally will take place today, November 6, from 1 to 2pm at City Hall Park, 43 Park Row.

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  1. While DNAinfo was very useful. Gothamist was just a left wing rag that focused more on politics outside of NYC then stuff actually going on here. Glad to see it gone.

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