Fringe benefits: Volunteer and get into Fringe Fest for free!

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Fringe Fest brings all sorts of acts to NYC. Like … this.

There’s no such thing as a free ticket to FringeNYC’s bevy of plays. Unless you werq for it! There is exactly one way and only one way to get into a Fringe show for free – volunteer. You’ve already missed the first few days of the festival (that’s so you) but you’ve got until Aug. 26 to see as many of Fringe’s spanking new, cutting edge pieces of theater as you can possibly stand. By volunteering for FringeNYC you get to add to the “volunteer” section of your resume, feel satisfied in having helped your fellow starving artist and you get FREE THEATER TICKETS!

FringeNYC  bills itself as the largest multi-arts festival in North America, with more than 200 companies from around the world. It all takes place in Manhattan (boo!) but there are actually three ways to volunteer:

Here’s the breakdown:
1. Concierge – This is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll be stationed at FringeCENTRAL (8th Street and 5th Ave. in lower Manhattan) answering questions and making recommendations to Fringe patrons. For each two-hour shift, you’ll receive a voucher for one free show.

2. Box Office / Ticket Distribution – You’ll go to any of the nineteen lower Manhattan venues and hand out tickets to patrons who ordered them in advance. Basically, you’re “Will Call.” Not Will Smith. But we encourage you to dress up like the Fresh Prince if you choose this particular opportunity. Again, for each two-hour shift as Will Call, you get a voucher for a free Fringe performance.

3.General Volunteers – Wherein you’ll just generally … volunteer. This position will be stationed at FringeCENTRAL. Basically, you hang about and be at the ready to do whatever needs being done. You might possibly be asked to get a coffee for a major start of stage and screen! You also might be asked to seal envelopes.

FringeNYC is unclear on the time requirement for this one, but we’re guessing it’s another 2 hours = 1 free ticket.

Here’s the super easy online volunteer application. Fill it out, send it in and you’re good to go. Someone from FringeNYC will get back to you ASAP with your placement and schedule.

Free theater! Take it! IT’S YOURS!!!!!!!!!!

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