Sunset Park now home to the $18 coffee, Bushwick-themed Vday gifs (and more linkage)

Friday Link Roundup Williamsburg Snow Climate Change
Photo via forallhumanity

Go get the most expensive cup of coffee in the country for $18 in Sunset Park [NY Post]
The city wants the garment district to be reborn in Sunset Park [New York Times]
Text these twee Bushwick Vday gifs to everyone in the neighborhood [Bushwick Daily]
The late Brooklyn District Attorney’s suits have been donated to former prisoners [Patch]
The world may be going to shit but Coney Island is getting NEW RIDES [Brooklyn Paper]
House porn alert: this adorable 350-square-foot studio in Park Slope [Apartment Therapy]
Don’t give up on change: vote to update the (New York) constitution [Untapped Cities]
Checkout one OG Brooklynite’s photos of 1950s Coney Island [Washington Post]

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