A freelance journalism-focused coworking space is coming to Bushwick

It ain't much now, but then, you get to help decorate it.
It ain’t much now, but then, you get to help decorate it.

Plenty of people find that working in Brooklyn’s many coworking spaces helps with their productivity, what with not making them feel crazy by being cooped up in the apartment all day. Freelance journalists especially can always use another coworking space, since journalists are social creatures (just check out NYC Media Twitter sometime. On second thought, don’t ever do that) who love but also bitterly compete with each other. Good news for all of them, and maybe you, that a trio of local freelance journalists are opening a journalism-specific coworking space off the Morgan stop in Bushwick then.

The as-of-now unnamed coworking space in Bushwick is being spearheaded by Peter Moskowitz, Alana Massey and Kyle Chayka, three veteran NYC freelance journalists. According to Chayka, the object of this space is to provide freelance journalists a newsroom, even if everyone in there is working for themselves. To that end, the plan for the 1000-square foot loft is to provide “an environment where we can share best work practices and contacts with editors and PR agencies,” and also be where people can take calls and do interviews without annoying everyone around them.

For any freelancer who’s spent an entire day writing a story only to realize you haven’t spoken to another human being for 6 hours and you don’t know if your voice works, an indie newsroom probably sounds good. Where it gets better is that the space, which is currently looking for members, will run you between $150-$350 per month, depending on how much space and time you need there. Plus, per the post announcing the formation of the space, you’ll be able to have a hand in how its decorated so you don’t wind up in a drab office space, which Chayka told us was “a huge part of the appeal” to him.

If you want in, currently the group is looking for at least six members to start, so you can email chaykak [AT] if you’re interested. While the space will only have room for 6 to 10 people at a time, Chayka also told us that there’ll be a hunt for a new space if there’s a ton of interest. This one would be closer to south Brooklyn, what with Bushwick being a little out of the way and extremely, dangerously hot.

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