Bushwick’s Cain’s Tavern closing because of measly 500% rent increase

Abel finally had his revenge. via Facebook
Abel finally had his revenge. via Facebook

Bushwick. Bushwick is so freaking hot right now. Bushwick is hotter than the twin suns of Tatooine put together. Bushwick is hot that the last Vouge editor who visited Roberta’s burst into flames. Bushwick is so hot that rent negotiations with your landlord begin with ominous laughter and the initial offer of a 500% rent increase, at least in the experience of the owners of Cain’s Tavern, who are leaving their current digs because of that aforementioned 500% rent increase.

Per Bushwick Daily, witness the sad tale of Cain’s Tavern, which offered cheap shot and beer specials and was an otherwise chill place to hang out without being dumb and gimmicky. Their reward for this was, according to a Facebook post by owners Steve Cain and Aaron Augenblick, a 500% rent increase from the landlord. We know this sounds pretty drastic and silly, but let’s not forget that Cain’s Tavern had been around for five years, so if you just break it down into a 100% increase for every year the bar existed it still sounds ridiculous and cartoonish. Hmm…kinda lost the threat on that one.

The good news in all of this, if there is any, is that Cain’s isn’t totally throwing in the towel, with the owners saying they’re looking for a place to relocate to. In the mean time, the bar will be around until August 22, so go spend some money there so the bar can survive the 1000% rent increase that comes with whatever spot they relocate to.

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