A brief night with Junot Diaz, and 16 more wondrous free ideas for your week

Pay attention, he’ll be watching

1. Weave some flowers into your updo/man bun for Side Ponytail comedy’s spring fever show. (Monday)

2. Franklin Park Reading Series is back with words from Colson Whitehead, Amelia Gray, and Wendy C. Ortiz. (Monday)

3. See what the playwrights of Brooklyn Acts have come up with at The Living Gallery. (Monday)

4. Scream “Oi!” to the world, because it’s punk night at The Johnsons and because punk night means $2 beers all night. (Monday)

5. We don’t know all the deals of Lindsey Kelk’s latest book launch, but we do know it’s About a Girl. (Tuesday)

6. Talk urban gardens, micro-histories, and taxis with Satellite Magazine at The Way Station. (Tuesday)

7. Neuroscientist Susana Martinez-Conde will join the Secret Science Club at the Bell House to blow your mind’s eye. (Tuesday)

8. Join Sycamore Bar’s Beer Club, the only club that matters, for a tasting of Third Rail Beer. (Tuesday)

9. Park Slope Food Co-op’s Plow to Plate Food Series presents The Future of Food, an anti-GMO manifesto to make you rethink your grocery list. (Tuesday)

10. Try not to spill too much of your enemies’ blood on your scorecard at Game of Thrones bingo. (Wednesday)

11. Twist to old school rock & roll at with Honky Cats at Bar Chord. (Wednesday)

12. Hear Junot Diaz give a brief, wondrous talk at St. Francis College. (Thursday)

13. Explore why people still aren’t into vaccinations at a marathon reading of On Immunity at powerHouse Arena. (Thursday)

14. The Moth’s April Salazar joins Split Personality at Over the Eight for some stories and jokes and even an open mic. (Thursday)

15. Every joke deserves a chance to shine, so hear comics present the ones they love that never quiet worked at Shit Bits. (Thursday)

16. Celebrate National Poetry Month with thoughts and rhymes and beats from Roots Poetry Series. (Friday)

17. Revel in the too-brief genius that was Party Down by watching a few episodes of it at Videology with TV Hangover. (Friday)

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