Ride the chillwave to free Washed Out tickets at noon today

washed out
If you don’t end up getting tickets, just tell him to go jump in a lake. via Facebook

As you may have heard, Pitchfork-approved Washed Out is about to go on tour. And if you were disappointed that soonest you were going to see him was December 14, think again. Yes, Christmas is coming even earlier this year, with Santa giving out free Washed Out tickets to a Williamsburg show, today at noon. Well OK, so maybe Santa is actually just Converse Rubber Tracks, but hey, free Washed Out show either way. Tickets go out via Ticketmaster today at noon, so snag them quickly before all the other synthpop stoneys do. The news gets better with Ghost Beach and Conveyor serving  as opening acts to the “Portlandia” theme song band. The newly announced tour will also be plugging Ernest Greene’s (voice of Washed Out) new album, Paracosm, which received a whopping 7.4 from the indie tastemakers, which is quite generous for the bitter, cubicle-oppressed, music snobs.

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