Free tattoos and free karaoke: A good enough reason to go to Manhattan

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Tattoos aweigh. via Facebook

Did you guys know there was a whole other island in New York, aside from the one containing Brooklyn and Queens? No, not Staten Island. This place called “Manhattan.” We were under the impression that it was just a place where all the banksters and oligarchs of the city lived, but it turns out there’s still some people there who like to party, so this Sunday they’ll all be doing free karaoke and getting free tattoos courtesy of tattoos giving away company rum pushers Sailor Jerry.

This Sunday, December 8, Arlene’s Grocery (95 Stanton Street) will throw open their doors to the masses of people who love karaoke, cheap-ass rum drinks and free tattoos, for Good Luck Karaoke. To help you decide that yes, you can sing INXS’ “Don’t Change” better than they did and that yes, you should get that sexy island girl tattoo, there’ll be $3 rum drinks for the entire night. And for entertainment beyond watching other people flub karaoke attempts, The Ramonahs, the world’s best (only?) drag queen Ramones cover band will do a set as well. Huh, maybe this Manhattan place has some things to offer after all.

Sailor Jerry Presents:Good Luck Karaoke, with a Live Performance by the Ramonahs, Sunday, December 8, 8pm, Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton Street, FREE

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