Meet the journo who PO’d Michelle Obama

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Jodi Kantor, Timeswoman, Obama profiler and journalistic dreamboat.

Have you ever seen those “Reasons to Love New York” year-end issues of New York Magazine, where they distill the year’s happenings into truths about the city and everyone feels warm, fuzzy and smart at the same time? Stay with us — here’s a “Reason to Love Brooklyn” (not this one.): When the local synagogue has an author’s night, the speakers are the novelist behind a Best Picture-nominated movie and the writer of a scandalicious White House tome. Yep, Jonathan Safran Foer (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) will grill Jodi Kantor (The Obamas) about her buzzy new book in Park Slope next week, and it’s totally free. Should be interesting.

Foer will interview Kantor about The Obamas, a No. 8 Times bestseller that tells of behind-the-scenes conflict between the First Lady and White House advisors. (Mrs. O didn’t like that part.) This is the kind of starry gabfest that the geographically disadvantaged would pay big dough for at the 92nd Street Y, but Foer and Kantor happen to be members of Congregation Beth Elohim so it’s like no biggie. Plus the rabbi there listens to Echo and the Bunnymen. It’s not being advertised as a members-only event, but the way we’ve been known to pack a joint, that could change at any minute. Best to RSVP early.

Jonathan Safran Foer interviews Jodi Kantor, Thursday Feb. 2 at 7:30 p.m., Congregation Beth Elohim, Eighth Avenue at Garfield Place, Park Slope, RSVP with Lauren Shenkman, (718) 768-3814 ext. 242, or email her at lshenkman [at]

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