Go shopping sangria drunk and find something special for your pet unicorn-donkey.

1. Brooklyn, Stand Up (until you fall down giggling) for comedy at The Knitting Factory. (Monday)

2. The next Brooklyn will be, well, Brooklyn. Find out what it might look like in a couple years at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Brooklyn Transitions series. (Monday)

3. Neuroscientist Gary Marcus will be at the Bell House for the Secret Science Club to talk all about future brains, and how they’ll be much better than your lousy present brain. (Monday)

4. We know you’re busy people, so see some power comedy and eat $1 tacos at Get to the Point! (Tuesday)

5. Take a look at what the kids are wearing these days at the book launch of What My Daughter Wore. (Tuesday)

6. Hear some jazzy-funk and some indie rock at The Way Station. (Wednesday)

7. Get some crafty gifts for your crafty friends at Makeshift Society’s Holiday Mixer and Market. (Thursday)

8. Do you know a lot about snowmen? No? Well wing it anyway at Three Jolly Pigeon’s “You don’t know Jack…Frost” trivia night. (Thursday)

9. It’s Sooo Up & Coming is turning a year old, so celebrate the second most important birthday this month at 739 Franklin. (Thursday)

10. Give the awful holiday specials of your favorite shows the love they deserve with the help of some comics at Videology’s The Holiday Episode: A Comedy Clips Show. (Thursday)

11. Generate some energy with your quads by pedaling on the at the Brooklyn Museum’s Human Energy Hub bicycle installation. (Thursday)

12. If the free art’s not enough incentive to get you to check out Fuck A Genre Entertainment’s art show, hopefully the free open sangria bar will. (Thursday-Friday)

13. Get your snappin fingers ready and head to Roots Café for some poetry readings. (Friday)

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