Free Photoshop download! No, really.

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Now with Photoshop, you too can convince your extremely gullible friends that The Rock was at your holiday party. Photo via Reddit.

You wanted Photoshop but you didn’t want to pay for it. So you got a copy off the Pirate Bay (for shame) but that came in Greek and you can’t translate it. Now your worries are over, because as Gizmodo reports, Adobe is tired of how much it costs to make sure you’ve paid for it, so you can get the entirety of Adobe Creative Suite 2 — all for free, all totally legitimate. 

All you need is an account with Word on the street (or word on the Internet, rather) is that it’s becoming too much of a pain in the ass for Adobe to keep the servers that authenticate the program running. So much of a pain, in fact, that they’d prefer to give it away. The free downloadable versions don’t have any of that fancy new “content-aware” stuff that newer versions have, but that’s OK because that all sounds like some creepy robot-knowledge business anyway. Mac users will need Mac OS X v. or Rosetta to get started, but once that’s all settled, it’s celebrity photo-bombs away.

NOTE: The Adobe link is currently down, but a kind soul on the internet has put them on his blog.

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