Explore your Olympic potential at a free curling open house at the LeFrak Center Sunday

curling prospect park
Could this wind up being you? Maybe! via Flickr user Peter Miller

Most of us give up on our dreams of making the Olympics at around the same time we realize that it involves a ridiculous amount of work and we really aren’t that good at sports. We’re still¬†traumatized by high school track, but some Olympic sports give us pause. Just try to walk past a TV with curling on and see if you can ignore the graceful release of the stones and the frantic scrubbing that ensues. Well now you can try curling yourself! The Brooklyn Lakeside Curling Club is throwing a free open house at the LeFrak Center (171 East Drive) on November 9 between 2pm and 4pm.

Come out to the open house to get an overview of the rules,¬†strategies, and techniques. If you can’t wait to unleash your curling potential, make sure to sign up for curling classes offered by the club. The five week session goes from November 9-December 14 and includes a membership to the Grand National Curling Club which will get you access to equipment, instructors, and competitions. The sessions¬†will run you $255. It’s a bit of a splurge, but you’re one step closer to Pyeongchang and you can’t put a price tag on your dreams.

Don’t go with a soar throat, apparently there’s a lot of screaming involved.

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