Small Brooklyn businesses: Google is having a free workshop on Flatbush Ave. this Saturday

There’s a lot of free advice out there, and plenty of it is bad. As one of the tech world’s Big Three, Google will probably virtually replace democracy in years to come and rule us all with microchips, so when Google offers you advice, especially free advice, it’s probably worth listening to.

If there are ulterior, sponsorship motives beyond simply helping a local community, it’s unclear, but paranoia aside Google is offering three free workshops to small business owners beginning this Saturday, July 29th. The workshops will be hosted by The Black Google Network, Google’s diversity focused empowerment subdivision, in partnership with Central Brooklyn-based GroomedSuccess, a “Gentlemen’s Social Network that helps men of color,” succeed.

The workshop, led by Google Digital Coach, Brooklynite and entrepreneur Angelina Darrisaw, will cover digital marketing basics, how to use Google business tools like AdWords and Google Analytics, and general tip for small business owners. It’s the type of internet initiation which tends to be costly, but is wildly useful if you can wrap your head around it. For plenty of businesses, knowing AdWords and using the program right really could make a big difference.

The workshop will be held from 10am to noon at co-working space BKLYN Commons (495 Flatbush Ave.). The event is free with RSVP (and registration does not ask whether or not you are a small business owner). The workshop will be followed by a reception at The Gentlemen’s Factory which will run you $43.19 after fees.


This looks unnecessary but I still want it. Photo via Linkedin
This looks unnecessary but I still want it. Photo via Linkedin

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