Jump back to your youth with free double dutch Wednesday nights in BK Bridge Park

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Learn this move at the next free Open Ropes, Wednesday nights at BK Bridge Park. Photo via @DoubledutchempireMelissa on Facebook

ClassPass is a rip-off, running is boring, yoga requires too much patience, PureBarre, no one can afford; double dutch, anyone? If you’re looking to sweat it out, but none of the traditional or trendy exercise options are doing it for you, the schoolyard classic could be worth revisiting.  Especially when it’s offered for free, and all you need to bring is your own two feet. Through August 31, Double Dutch Empire is hosting Open Ropes, free drop-in sessions every Wednesday from 7-9pm at Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The public jumps are open to all skill levels, so whether you’ve still got those recess moves or it’s your first time and you’re a clumsy Kathy, double dutch instructors will show you the ropes—and all jump ropes are provided. 

Melissa Quayle, a performer and jump rope instructor, has been putting on jump rope pop-ups and teaching classes since founding Double Dutch Empire in 2010. She has been regularly jumping rope herself for exercise for the last twelve years, she told hosts Andia and Adrian on a recent episode of BRIC’s Check Out the Workout.

“As an adult, I decided I missed double dutch, so I decided that we should try again,” she said. “People really like Double Dutch, they like participating, they’re really excited to get back into it or to learn it for the first time.”

She then showed them the basic double dutch techniques of keeping your feet together and doing “little bunny rabbit hops,” then how to hop on one foot at a time and how to read the ropes to time when you jump in.

Head on over to Pier 2 this Wednesday and have a go at it yourself! If you’d like to hire Double Dutch Empire for a birthday, block party or another special event, email [email protected]

In the meantime, don’t slack on the free daily exercise hacks we showed you how to do while waiting for the train, doing your laundry and other mundane tasks.

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