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Free on Craigslist: a human-sized hamster wheel

When will you stop going in circles?
When will you stop going in circles?

Need a different way to exercise but still don’t want to pay for the gym? Or do you need a conversation starter for when you bring a date home that doesn’t begin “Yes, those are Star Wars action figures handmade out of potatoes”? Well good news, we suppose: a Clinton Hill resident is giving away the above gigantic hamster wheel on Craigslist. Giant hamster not included.

There’s not much to say about a giant hamster wheel other than, “Boy what a terrible idea to try to pick this up.” For starters, if you’re the kind of person who has the room for this thing, you’re probably rich and successful and aren’t going to muss your perfect hair and Armani suits running in this thing.

And second, I happen to have seen a Shipping Wars episode about moving a giant hamster wheel (I was in a hospital, cut me some slack), and what this episode clip doesn’t show you is that moving a human sized hamster wheel is exceptionally difficult. Like, even the guy with that flatbed barely managed to ship in one piece. But hey, you can also have the fifty pounds of shredded newspaper that come with it, if you want to make your life even more difficult.


  1. This is inspiring. I’m inspired to use my intellect to solve the problem of world hunger in order to compensate for all the individuals focused on making things like human sized hamster wheels.

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