Free-to-use TV facilities? Party on!

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Wayne's World jokes are getting old. NOT.

Sure, a modern day Wayne and Garth could’ve Youtubed themselves to internet sensationhood (what was the schwing if not a proto “Like” button?) outside of Aurora. But there’s still something alluring about having an actual local teevee show, in the same way that being published in a lit mag might outrank your daily Tumblr ramblings. Did you know our local cable access station — Brooklyn Center for Media Education (part of BRIC Arts Media) — offers studio facilities that are free to use after you complete a production workshop? Before you start writing a script and picking out background ferns, you have to check out the free orientation: the next one is on Aug. 6.

BCAT says: “You’ll learn about the opportunities available at BCAT’s Brooklyn Center for Media Education and review the requirements necessary to air a program on BCAT TV Network. No reservations necessary. Seats available on a first-come, first-serve basis and it’s free. For more information visit”

The free orientation is at 11am at the station’s interim location at 242 3rd St.. The production course you have to sign up for before producing a show is $98. But maybe you can get Noah’s Arcade to sponsor you?

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