Coming attraction: free bike-in movie this month

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Load up your bike and take in a summer movie

In another defiant bird flip to the automobile, the fun-loving foodies at Forking Tasty are taking a modern spin on classic Americana with a free Ride-in Theatre for two-wheeled cyclists (and two-legged pedestrians are welcome, also). The event takes place somewhere in Brooklyn “before the third week in May,” but details on the exact location and movie are being kept quiet, privy only to those who sign up via the group’s website to receive the covert messaging. Something about this reminds us of tin-can telephones and after-dark neighborhood clans, another nod to that old-school nostalgia we appreciate. The free event promises a delicious nosh and a vintage flick to set the mood for what’s sure to be some starlit and environmentally friendly making out.

Here’s the latest info we got in our inbox today:

For now here are a few items that will help you plan.

1. The theater will take place sometime before the third week in May. It will be on a Saturday or Sunday evening.

2. You will have to ride, walk or skip to the location which will be in Brooklyn, no more than 6 blocks from a subway line.

3. We will be providing delicious snacks but not a full dinner as we usually do. Unfortunately logistics and public safety hinder a full dinner spread at an event like this. Although, perhaps in the near future a Ride-In-Dinner-Theater could be born.

4. We will not provide a seat. Your bike will do that for us.

5. Bring a friend or two because it’s our first Free, unlimited seat event.

Stay tuned for the official invite dropping very soon. In the meantime if you have any questions or wanna chat, drop us a line at [email protected]


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