Free beer and fancy food is waiting for you Saturday at the Bedford + Bowery Bazaar

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This could be you, drinking free beer. via Bedford + Bowery

Here’s the thing about Brooklyn’s innumerable flea markets, from the very twee to the very not twee at all: sometimes you want to travel a little bit to get your vintage baubles. Also sometimes you want some free beer while you’re buying your vintage baubles. Bedford + Bowery is making that dream a reality for you this weekend, Saturday, October 25, with a free bazaar at the Hester Street Fair that has free beer from Brooklyn Brewery. Nothing makes shopping more fun, or dangerous, than free beer.

We know, you’re already thinking, “Manhattan? That’s worse than Williamsburg!” Steel yourself though, because you’ve probably done worse for free beer than just go to the Lower East Side at 11am. Once you’re there, drinking, you can shop for things like art, weird fashion stuff, occult items (necessary for Halloeen and everyday life) from Catland even zines, courtesy of Papercut Press and Creeps Annual.

Plus, there’ll be DJ sets from Nancy Whang and Pat Mahoney, formerly of LCD Soundsystem, who we’re sure want to hear all about how LCD Soundsystem songs are your NYC jam. AND there’ll be food from the likes of Bunker Vietnamese, Torst and Arrogant Swine for you to eat. Though you’ll have to pay for that. All in all, sounds like you’ll barely be leaving Brooklyn, so hooray for that.

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